Sleeping Beauty On Ice, Edinburgh Playhouse

18 Apr 13 - - Claire McAllister

Once upon a time, fairy tales were the source of entertainment for children and adults alike. The Imperial Ice Stars recapture the communal essence of the fairy tale to appeal to a broad audience with Sleeping Beauty on Ice.

The classic fairy tale, The Sleeping Beauty, is transformed into a truly spectacular production by the renowned ice director and choreographer, Tony Mercer. Amalgamating features of musicals, skating, ballet, carnival and gymnastics Sleeping Beauty on Ice is an unmissable show.

The internationally acclaimed Lunchbox Theatrical Productions have previously completed world tours with the award-winning Imperial Ice Stars in Swan Lake on Ice, Cinderella on Ice and The Nutcracker on Ice. Another powerful enterprise performed to the colossal music of Pyotr Ilych Tchaikovsky. Sleeping Beauty on Ice brags an all star cast, exhibiting 25 World, European and National Championship skaters as well as ITV’s Dancing on Ice star, Olga Sharutenko.

Sleeping Beauty on Ice, tells a variation of the classic fairy tale. Taking inspiration from Tchaikovsky’s ballet, The Sleeping Beauty, the Imperial Ice Stars’ story tells of the cursed Princess Aurora (Olga Sharutenko), who is destined to prick her finger and fall into an endless slumber, to be woken only by the kiss of a Prince (Bogdan Berezenko). The Lilac Fairy (Yulia Ashcheulova) sets out into the enchanted forest to save the Princess and find her Prince.

The entire production boasts the highest level of professional theatre. The skating is phenomenal. Exquisite choreography is fundamental to the success of theatrical ice dance and Sleeping Beauty on Ice exceeds the audience’s expectations. The Imperial Ice Stars incorporate stunts which are normally saved for Olympic arenas to the confines of the stage. Meanwhile, above and beyond their theatrical ice dance, the performers use ballet and thrilling aerial gymnastics to tell the story.

At points there could be over a dozen performers on stage and yet the dancing is graceful and flawlessly synchronised with Tchaikovsky’s music. Catalabutte’s assistant (Svitlana Pylypenko), who serves the royal family, is wonderfully expressive in her comical role. Exhibiting qualities of a Shakespearean fool, Pylypenko’s exaggerated style brings numerous laughs.

Scenic Designer, Eamon D’Arcy, creates majestic backdrops and scenery which are supported by striking lighting design. The swift and radical changes between backdrops are particularly effective in controlling the ambience and creating a magical air. The few props which are used hold great significance in telling the story.

While the production uses minimal props, the stage becomes decorated by the exuberant costume design with over 110 intricately designed costumes. The Imperial Ice Star’s costumes are a defining part of providing an insight into the characters personality and also in setting the scene; the stark contrast in costumes delineates the good and colourful from the bad and gothic. The costumes infuse a magical design into the fairy tale production.

Sleeping Beauty on Ice pieces together juxtaposing elements of theatre and sport to create a magnificent and grand-scale show. The production will dazzle audiences with the Imperial Ice Star’s unconventional adaptation of the classic fairy tale.

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