Daring and graceful, skaters light up the stage

02 Sep 10 - Fairfax Digital - Jill Sykes

In their interpretation of Swan Lake On Ice, skaters reached incredible heights of dexterity. The Imperial Ice Stars performed stunning moves that are so complex they haven't yet been named.

And another point tantamount to their sensation skills is the fact that this type of performance would normally bet set on a 60 metre by 60 metre stage. The stage at the Lyric Theatre, Star City is only 15 metres by 15 metres. Sometimes you think they are going to overshoot the stage and land in the front row, they travel that fast and pull up quickly.

This much-loved fairytale set to Tchaikovsky's music is a feast for the senses. One can only stare in awe and applaud as these remarkable performers go through their routines. A ring of fire on the ice is a spectacular end to the first act. And the finale is something that has to be seen to be believed. In a frantic 10 minutes in which it seems anything goes, skaters perform seemingly impossible acrobatics. You feel exhausted just watching them.

There is just so much that is thrilling about this production that it's hard to wrap up in a short review. The glorious costumes designed by Albina Gabueva, one of Russia's top theatrical designers are positively breathtaking. The sets give this production a feeling of not only mystery, but dream-like beauty.

With ice being the focal point there are some interesting facts arising from the production. About 14 tonnes of ice have been created for Swan Lake On Ice and the rink took more than 140 man hours to build. It will take about 30 hours to dismantle. The Imperial Ice Stars have a reputation for pushing the boundaries in the genre of ice dance this only adds to the long list of superlatives to praise them.

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