Ice magic

10 Aug 08 - Sunday Mail, Adelaide, Australia - Matt Byrne

PRODUCER/DIRECTOR Tony Mercer's ice spectaculars continue to grow in stature and bravura.

And with Cinderella he's now confident to re-tell traditional fairytales in innovative and breathtaking fashion.

Having Eamon Darcy's brilliant sets, Gavin Swift's stellar lighting and Albina Gabueva's opulent costumes makes the magic possible. Gabueva's golden clock-figure outfits, especially, are stunning, and some of the visual graphics are straight out of the Disney playbook.

Not only is the Cinderella story given a new twist with the title character spotted at a ballet school, but now there's new music too. Mercer's bold revision of the classic rags-to-riches princess ICE BALLET Cinderella On Ice story incorporates flying and Cirque Du Soleil-style sequences, with time being the key.

Composer Tim A. Duncan has delivered a superb score that means Mercer's latest creation doesn't suffer comparisons with ballets using traditional music. And the cast is an amazingly talented ensemble that takes ice ballet to another level.

Olga Sharutenko makes a delightful Cinderella, sashaying across the ice with style and grace. Fleet-footed Andrei proves a handsome choice as the Mayor's son who is smitten when he first sees Cinderella. Individually they are brilliant but their high flying finale in the clouds is the stuff family audience dreams are made of. There's timely support from Vadim Yarkov as the watchmaker and Olena Pyatash as the sinister, sequinned stepmother.

If you want real ice magic, then get your skates on for a ticket - fast.

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