Keith Chegwin gets a crack at serious role

10 Oct 13 - The Express - Day & Night

IN A touring production of The Nutcracker On Ice performed by a troupe with 250 Olympic and championships medals among them, what is the one thing that’s missing? Keith Chegwin of course.

After making it into the final six of Dancing On Ice the 56-year-old is to appear in one of the classic tale’s key roles: Drosselmeyer. And the showbiz veteran is the first to admit he was surprised to get the call from the Imperial Ice Stars. “I was thinking, ‘This is a wind-up, it’s Jon Culshaw!’” Cheggers tells Day & Night ahead of the tour, which is at the London Palladium from October 24-November 3 before moving to Cardiff and Southampton.

“The level of skating is ridiculous – forget Dancing On Ice, that was Butlin’s compared to this. I’ve danced with Ginger Rogers in the West End, I’ve wing-walked but this is the best thing that has ever happened to me because for once in my 46 years in showbusiness, somebody’s actually taking me seriously!

I find it such a compliment. I had to pinch myself. I really have had to work my socks off to keep up with these guys – I’ve been skating every day since July.” We’d say break a leg Cheggers but as you already did that in March, maybe “good luck” is less risky…

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