The Nutcracker on Ice

12 Dec 11 - - Leon van Nierop

You won't believe your eyes. The Imperial Ice Stars perform tricks on the ice which literally reinvents Tchaikovsky's The Nutcracker in a form that will enchant you.

Seeing pirouettes performed with breathtaking precision on skates is something you have to see live to fully appreciate. This production is, without a doubt, the best Christmas present you can give to yourself and your family. As a matter of fact, it could serve as a substitute for a wrapped up present under a Christmas tree, because it will stay with you for many weeks to come and will blow your mind away.

Not only is the staging innovative and breathtakingly original, the set design frequently prompted the audience to burst into spontaneous applause. As a matter of fact, I can't remember when was the last time (perhaps with Swan Lake on Ice) that the audience were so appreciative and so often burst into rapturous admiration for tricks performed on stage.

Before I sat down, an audience member mused: "How long can you stare at people doing rings around an ice rink?" Even she may have been impressed with the variety and splendour of the different set pieces which never get stale or repetitive. Many performers are literally lifted into the air as they fly over the audience or the stage with even more daring stunts and tricks than one can possibly imagine.

But it is their brilliant precision, the deceptive ease with which they perform even the most daring stunts, the joy with which they perform and the rapport with the audience that elevates this production into a mind-blowing exercise in entertainment.

Enough to say that if you have money left over from your Christmas bonus treat the family, even the little ones, to a production that will turn their holidays into a fun-filled entertainment extravaganza. Believe me when I say: you may want to watch this mind-blowing production twice.

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