Warm reception for icy spectacle

03 Jun 12 - Sunday Express - Jeffrey Taylor

Swan Lake is an ice spectacular the likes of which you have never seen before. Yes, there are the flying stunts and the ensemble numbers are packed with death-defying lifts while the White Swan, Odette (Olga Sharutenko), makes one entrance on heavily sequinned pointe shoes.

There is even a Michael Flatley Irish jig in the Ballroom scene. What transforms the cavernous Albert Hall into a high-class opera house, however, is the artistic finesse and sincerity of the cast. Bogdan Berezenko’s Benno and Andrey Penkin as Siegfried, both stunning virtuoso skaters, hold the audience in the palms of their hands.

Their secret is simple; they share the story with their audience instead of ramming it down their throats. A unique fusion of spectacle and artistry that the audience, judging from the final standing ovation, finds quite irresistible.

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