★★★★★ A modern take on Cinderella with ‘romance, glamour and drama’ on ice

18 Jan 18 - -

CHARLES Perrault would have been astounded, but not displeased, by liberties taken with his rags-to-riches fairytale in this sophisticated and stylish production. 


★★★★★ Review: Cinderella on Ice - Johannesburg

18 Dec 17 - -
Sugar and spice and with a touch of vice, that’s what regular fairy tales are made of. Add aerial flights and daredevils on ice, that’s what Cinderella on Iceis made of.


★★★★★ Icy thrills from Cinderella

07 Dec 17 - -
All the swirls and clinches, coy looks and exuberant leaps, pulling away then drawing magnetically together, and trusting each other implicitly as one supports the other. All performed with silky smoothness against a background of swelling violins. Ahhh, when the magic of theatre meets the graciousness of ice you forget for a time that all is not well in the world.


Cinderella on Ice - Artscape Opera House

18 Jan 10 - Cape Argus, South Africa - Beverley Brommert

Scintillating performances in aglamorous setting more than meet expectations in this latest offering from the Imperial Ice Stars, whose collective proficiency on the rink is already familiar to Cape Town audiences.


Cinderella on Ice is awe-inspiring

07 Dec 09 - What's on Stage - South Africa -

This is like nothing you have ever witnessed before.


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