Icy Cinderella glitters and dazzles

23 Sep 08 - Canberra Times, Australia - Aaron Ridgeway

Cinderella on Ice weds Olympic-standard ice dancing to classical storytelling and, with the help of an astronomical budget, succeeds as a dazzling spectacle with a mere few flat spots.


Hi energy spectacular

11 Sep 08 - Mosman Daily, Australia - Deb Solomon

PHEW. Just watching Cinderella On Ice is exhausting. How could such an energetic, colourful, narrative ballet with a cast of 23 Olympic, world, national and European championship skaters be anything else?


Cinderella gets her groove back

28 Aug 08 - The Australian Jewish News - Lexi Landesman

EVERYTHING about Cinderella on Ice is extravagant and sure to dazzle both adults and the little ones.


Story to melt hearts

27 Aug 08 - Daily Telegraph, Australia - Jill Sykes

The proliferation of large-scale Disneythemed ice shows in recent years might make prospective audience members for Cinderella On Ice shudder at the thought of bouffant costumes, tacky plastic props and skaters dressed as giant animals.


Elegance and excitement make frosty fairytale soar

26 Aug 08 - Sysney Morning Herald, Australia - Jill Sykes

IT FITS somewhere between pantomime and variety show, circus and romantic fairytale. Its broad brush strokes of storytelling may make some wince, but the overall effect is engaging and the skating is thrilling.


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